Our Features

Content Accessibility

zacampus governs which content a student can access, track studying progress and engage student with contact tools. Teachers can manage courses and modules, monitor the students reports.

Online Assessment

zacampus enables teachers to create customized tests for students, accessible and submitted online. Platforms allow different multiple question types.

Flexible Courses

zacampus can be used to create a structured education content. The teacher can add texts, images, videos, tables, links, interactive tests, slides etc.

Tracking students' attendance

zacampus allows for attendance tracking wherein administrators can view attendance and records of whether a learner attended, arrived late, or missed classes and events.


Students' exchange of feedback both with teachers and their peers is possible through zacampus.

Managing Users and Roles

zacampus allows for creating different types of users, such as teachers, students, parents, administrators & management.

Experiencing The Evolution Of The Platform Together

Phase I

  • E-Learning
  • Student Reports
  • Time Tables
  • Assignments

Phase II

  • Mobile Apps (Android / IOS)
  • Student Affairs
  • Parents Relations

Phase III

  • Social Community
  • Clinic

Who can use our system?

  • View Classroom Calender
  • Join Online Sessions
  • View Presentations & Recorded Videos
  • View Assignements & upload answers
  • Submit exam answer & view his/her evaluation
  • View School / Classroom Calender
  • Initiate online sessions
  • Add presentations & videos
  • Add Assigements & view submissions
  • Add exams, model answers & set grades
  • View Dependents Grades
  • Follow Up Assignements
  • View Pending Tasks
  • View Dependents Tgrades & evaluations
  • Manage Timetable
  • Manage Courses Catalogue
  • Set Activities Plan
  • Generate Reports
  • Control School Calender
  • Managing Reports & Data Analysis
  • Control User Privilages
  • Control User Profile
System Owner
  • Initiate New Schools
  • Adminstrate System Resources
  • Scale Infrastructure
  • Monitor System Performance
  • Introduce new features